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Full & Partial Dentures in Brandon

At Brandon Dental Centre, our dentists use full or partial dentures for patients who need to have their missing teeth replaced, so they can have a fully functional, natural-looking smile.

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Full & Partial Dentures

If you need to have numerous or all of your teeth extracted, full or partial dentures are treatment options to consider. Full dentures (complete dentures) are used when all of your teeth are missing. Partial dentures are used when a person still has natural teeth in their mouth.

Dentures may also be used to enhance your facial tissues, smile, or to improve your speech, chewing, and digestion.

Why replace missing teeth?

Replacing missing teeth is essential to your oral health. Dentures can help you speak and chew properly again, preserve your facial structure and prevent existing natural teeth from becoming misaligned.

Full Dentures in Brandon

Full dentures are also known as false teeth or complete dentures. These dentures can either be immediate or conventional.

Conventional dentures in Brandon

After all teeth have been removed, conventional dentures will be placed in the mouth. If teeth need to be extracted, your dentist will wait for your gum tissue to fully heal before fitting you for dentures. The healing process typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Immediate Dentures in Brandon

Immediate dentures are created in advance of and placed after a tooth extraction procedure. They are usually considered as a secondary solution until conventional dentures are made.

Procedure: Full Dentures

Dentures are designed to be worn every day and removed at night. They are designed to sit over the gums and around any existing teeth. 

Placing full dentures is a process that takes a few weeks and several appointments. By following these steps, your dentist can help you get the right dentures for you:

  • Tooth Extraction and Healing

    After teeth are extracted, your gums and tissues will need several weeks to months to heal.

  • Temporary Dentures

    During the healing process, your gums may swell and your jawbone will shift and shrink, which would change the alignment of dentures.

    Because any dentures made would need to be refit when you've healed, you may wear immediate or temporary dentures that allow you to eat, drink and speak normally.

    These dentures may need to be adjusted during your healing process, but would mean you have the benefit of natural-looking teeth immediately after your existing teeth are extracted.

  • Permanent Dentures

    Four to six weeks following the extraction and provided your mouth has healed well, a preliminary impression will be made for the final denture is cast according to the model created earlier.

    This will ensure your new dentures are a good fit for your mouth.

  • Adjustments

    Adjustments to the denture are made as required for fit and comfort.

Partial Dentures in Brandon

Partial dentures are for patients with more than a few missing teeth. These removable dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to a pink-coloured plastic base, which is connected by a metal framework and holds the denture in place inside the mouth. 

Partial dentures are typically used when the upper or lower jaw still has one or more natural teeth. A partial denture prevents other teeth from shifting position to fill spaces left by missing teeth. 

A precision partial denture has internal attachments and is removable rather than clasps which attach to the adjacent crowns. This type of denture is more natural looking than the others.

Procedure: Partial Dentures

Fabricating a partial denture that delivers excellent esthetic and functional results takes planning.

Your dentist places a fixed bridge or denture to replace one or more teeth.

The crowns are placed on the teeth before artificial teeth are attached to them. The denture is then cemented into that particular place. 

The other natural teeth will now be prevented from changing position and causing misalignment inside your mouth.

You'll also enjoy a full, healthy smile and teeth that will help aid in chewing foods that are part of a healthy diet, such as crispy frozen vegetables.

Providing Oral Health Care in Brandon

Our dental team at Brandon Dental Centre is committed to providing a range of dental services tailored to the needs of our patients. 

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