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Tooth Extractions in Brandon

At Brandon Dental Centre, our dentists perform tooth extractions to alleviate pain and help preserve oral health. 

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Tooth Extractions

During a tooth extraction, your dentist removes the tooth from its socket in the bone. This surgical removal of a tooth will only be performed in cases where a damaged tooth threatens the health of your other teeth, gums and mouth.

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to erupt in the back corners of a normal adult mouth.

This third set of teeth is not always functional, and can crowd out other teeth as they develop. They may also create problems with your oral hygiene. In this case, your dentist may recommend removing them.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Typically, teeth are removed because they are impacted or severely damaged. Wisdom teeth may become problematic. Teeth may also sometimes be pulled to alleviate pain, or to prepare for other dental procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Before you have your wisdom teeth removed, we will take an x-ray of your mouth to ensure we know the exact location of your teeth. 

The area is then numbed with topical and/or injectable anesthetic to ensure your comfort. While it is possible to use general anaesthetic for the procedure this can make you ill and has a longer recovery period, so we prefer to locally numb the area.

Once the anaesthetic has taken full effect we use special tools to gradually ease the tooth out. If necessary we will cut the gum which may need dissolving stitches to help the healing, however this is not in every case.

Repairing Extensive Damage

At Brandon Dental Centre, we are committed to saving teeth whenever possible, although sometimes teeth that have sustained extensive decay, injury, gum disease or other conditions.

In these circumstances, less invasive options are ineffective and the tooth will require extraction. 

If a damaged tooth needs to be extracted, your dentist will review tooth replacement options with you.

These could include dental bridges, dental crowns and dentures to cover the area and protect existing teeth. Other options to consider include dental implants and bone grafting.

Providing Oral Health Care in Brandon

Our dental team at Brandon Dental Centre is committed to providing a range of dental services tailored to the needs of our patients. 

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